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The Promise of Amazing

Discussion questions

1. What do you think of Mrs. Fiore, Wren’s guidance counselor? Do you think her pep talk is realistic or condescending?  Has anyone ever underestimated you? How did it make you feel?  What sort of action did it inspire you to take?

2. How do you think Wren and Grayson’s meet-cute sets up their relationship? What if the roles had been reversed? Do you think it might have changed anything? How?

3. One of the themes in the book is not letting your past define you. How does each character try to break free of past expectations? Do you think they are successful? Have you ever tried to get over something you’ve done in the past? How difficult was it to do?

4. Is there a character you identify with more? Do you like dual perspective novels? How do you think the story may have changed if it was told from only one of the character’s perspectives? Would you have enjoyed that more? Why or why not?

5. Both Wren and Gray have very different Thanksgiving dinners. Which one would you like to have attended? How does each scene inspire Wren and Grayson to jump to action? Do you think there’s a certain reason why the author chose to put these scenes in the book?

6. Wren goes to an all girl private school. Grayson was expelled from an all boy private school.  Do you think there are any benefits to a single gendered learning environment? Why or why not? How do you think this shapes the story?  Wren? Grayson? Luke? Ava?

7. What do you think Luke’s ulterior motive is when he insinuates himself between Wren and Grayson? Is it simply to manipulate them for fun? What do you think might be going through his mind? Have you ever dealt with someone manipulative in your own life? What did you do?

8.  Why do you think Wren is so forgiving of Grayson? Do you think she’s foolish? Have you ever given someone in your life a second chance? Did they surprise you? Were you disappointed? Do you think people can change?

9. Was there any particular part of the story you could relate to? Why or why not?

10. Did you like the characters? If you could hang out with one of the secondary characters whom would it be and why? Are there any characters you found unlikeable? Do you think it’s an author’s responsibility to make a character likeable? Or do you think it’s subjective? Does it hamper your enjoyment of the story?

11. Do you think justice was served? If you were the author, how might have you handled the situation with Grayson and his friends differently?

12. Did you find the ending satisfying? What kind of alternative ending could you come up with? Do you think the dance floor is a good metaphor for life? Why or why not?



The Secrets of Attraction

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The Season of You & Me

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