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The Ultimate New Jersey Playlist! 

The Promise of Amazing Holiday Mix


Some questions I get asked about The Promise of Amazing

What happens after the book is finished? Hmm...well, you could go write a nice review somewhere, or get a hot drink and go for a walk or...oh, wait, you mean what happens to the characters after the book is finished? Whenever I'm asked this question, I'm tempted to answer with what I think happens...but the truth is, you, as a reader, have a lot of power! I love to hear reader theories!  

Do Wren and Grayson get married?  While I think Wren and Gray make a fierce and phenomenal couple in TPofA -- I just don't know. A lot can happen between high school and the time someone is ready to get married. (or maybe that's just the mom in me speaking) What do you think?

Where is Guinevere's cottage in relation to the Camelot?  The Camelot is actually based on a catering hall that I worked at during college, except the theme was Robin Hood. There was an old stone house on the property - on the far side of a big parking lot, if my memory serves me correctly (it might not).- and bridal parties used to have their own private cocktail reception there before making their grand entrance.  This is similar to what I imagined Guinevere's cottage to be like.  On the property, right off the parking lot.

Grayson's such an immature jerk, why does Wren forgive him? Because he's hot.  No, just kidding.  That' never a good reason to forgive someone!  Wren sees the best in Grayson. She meets him at a time in his life where he's putting the worst behind him. She believes his intentions are good, in spite of some of his actions. The things that he's done in his past are just that - in the past. He's trying to become a better person. And she sees that potential. 

What's up with Wren and Luke?  Luke was the biggest surprise to me while I was writing - and he took on a life of his own. I'm not really sure what's up with them, but in a parallel universe I think they could be a scorching couple. 




The Secrets of Attraction Playlists!

Madison and Jesse mix

Road trippin' with Jesse


Some questions I get asked about The Secrets of Attraction -

Why is Madison so horrible toward Zach? As the author, I try not to pass judgement on my characters. Mads gets confused with her feelings and she's not sure what Zach wants from her anymore. I think they just outgrow their relationship and realize they both want a little more - just not from each other.  Instead of having a conversation about it, Mads avoids Zach altogether. It's easier than hurting his feelings - at least that's the way she sees it, even though avoiding him hurts him too. 

Could I have a Jesse?  Sure!  Isn't he dreamy? 

Is Mugshot real?  Nope, but it's probably a mix of several different coffee houses in my head. Now, the Mexican hot chocolate that Jesse serves Madison is real! 

Does Madison go to San Francisco for the summer?  Yes she does! I'd love to write some bonus material of her summer by the Bay. 

Do Jazz and Tanner get together?  Oh, wow - this, THIS was the biggest surprise for me in this book. I'd have to think about this one - since they really seem like polar opposites. I'm not sure they'd last romantically after high school, but I do think they would remain life long friends.  What do you think?

So next you're writing a book from Jazz's point of view, right?!  I would love to write a book from Jazz's point of view, and even have a very vague plot mapped out in my head. At the moment though, I'm working on something completely different, which my writer brain craved!  But, you never know!



Book Looks: Different styles for Wren and Madison!


In the summer of 2014, a blogger asked me to be a part of a virtual Fashion Week. I've never been to Fashion Week - only lived vicariously through Project Runway. Considering PR is one of my favorite shows, and being part of a virtual fashion week sounded really exciting - I jumped at the chance. I did a daytime and evening look for Wren to match The Promise of Amazing cover. When I was doing publicity for The Secrets of Attraction, I decided to create two different looks for Madison based on events in the book.  All of these looks were created on Polyvore, which is a really fun site to explore!  I loved putting these ensembles together - it's fun to imagine what my characters might wear. (and it's especially fun using virtual money - those emerald earrings from Wren's evening look are way, WAY out of her price range)  Did you ever play the game Style Savvy on Nintendo DS? It was game where you worked at a boutique and had a mysterious benefactor named Dominic who would pop in now and again to check out how things were running. You'd put together outfits for customers and when they loved it, little hearts would fall from the sky and they'd dance (and when they hated it, they made a face and left).  Putting these outfits together reminded me of that game!  I'm hardly a fashionista, but I do love pretty clothes!